20 August 2014

Six Payment Options that Sell Like Crazy

The way you structure your payment offers can increase your sales. Can your customers try before they buy, pay later, make payments, do they get a rebate, etc.

Single Registration with SARS

CHANGES TO TAX & CUSTOMS REGISTRATION What is Single Registration? The way you register for tax & customs and update your existing details has changed from 12 May 2014.  SARS will now have a ‘Single Registration’ for a taxpayer across all taxes they pay and legal entities they’re associated with.  From a taxpayer’s view, you will […]

Dealing with Non-Paying Clients or Customers

By Gina Mostert. Most business owners will agree that having to deal with late- or non-payment is one of the least exciting aspects of having your own business.  Unfortunately for most of us, outstanding payments can happen at any time, with any clients – even those that used to be ideal clients at some stage. […]

Don’t Let the “Petty Charges” Drive Away Business

By Ann Williams. © Most companies’ marketing includes a focus on how to get current or potential customers to spend more money with them. It becomes a problem though when getting the last cent out of a customer starts involving “petty charges” which just become a nuisance and put customers off. Here are some examples […]